1 in 3 people in Scotland will live with cancer at some point in their lives, so when will their everyday be designed for?

When designing for the YCN Student Awards Brief to 'Package the Perfect M&S Picnic’, I looked up the definition of a 'picnic' and my dictionary gave me the phrase 'chemotherapy is no picnic'.

I had recently found out that chemotherapy and other treatments for cancer, as well as the cancer itself, can seriously affect your appetite. While there is a lot of nutritional information available, it is often text heavy and intimidating, so I decided to design readily available food to aid people in their transition to these changes in appetite.

To gain a greater understanding of eating during chemotherapy, I prepared a taster meal for a man with Chronic Lymphoeytic Leukemia and his wife. The kitchen became my workshop as I created different dishes with a range of fruit and vegetables. I found this way of working a really interesting and beneficial way to gain insights. Throughout the project I engaged in different ways with people with cancer, those close to them and health professionals that provide for them, which shaped how I developed the project.

The Tempting Tastebuds range aims to rekindle an interest and enjoyment in food for people with cancer that can be lost due to a change in appetite. The food within the picnics comes in small portions ranging in texture and flavor, high in both nutritional value and energy which will be beneficial for whoever is eating it, whether they have cancer or not. The picnic encourages sharing which in turn will encourage discussion on what can be a difficult topic. 


This project took place in my final year at GSA, and I am keen to develop it further. To see my process for this phase of the project, please click here.