DUO is the result of a group project (with Niklas Kull and Sally Jørgensen) in my Furniture Class during my exchange to Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver from September to December, 2010. Our brief was to design a piece of furniture for a private room in BC Women's Hospital and Healthcare, and so we chose to design for the Maternity Ward.

Through close contact with both Maternity staff and expectant and existing parents, we aimed to understand what was needed from Maternity room furniture and what was lacking at the moment.

Midwives explained that there was a lack of birthing stools within hospitals and that they are a really useful and effective piece of birthing equipment, allowing for a vertical, more natural birth. Maternity wards can also be difficult places for the partner, so we wanted to give them a place within our design.


DUO is a birthing set that will unite woman and partner and create a more intimate birthing experience.