RSA Annual Exhibition and Man Ray

Review of RSA 2013 Giles Sutherland The Times 12-06-13.jpg

On Saturday I was through in Edinburgh visiting my parents. Ever since I moved to Glasgow to study I have enjoyed visiting Edinburgh more and more - you definitely see a city in a new light when you do not live there!

My Dad and I went to the RSA to see the 187th Annual Exhibition, Between the Late and Early. This exhibition has been merged with the RSA members exhibition, in which my dad has a piece. We didn't have long to look round the many galleries, but something I really enjoyed with this exhibition was the way in which artefacts from various museums were exhibited alongside the art work.

Given the title there were many haunting themes within the work, but none more haunting than the Witches Branks from Dundee Museum. These objects of torture and humiliation had been adorned with horns and large ears as if to depict the evil the wearers were accused of.

After lunch we moved from the haunting to the ridiculous with the photographs of Man Ray - who documented many artists of the Dada movement. His portraits are fascinating with many familiar faces, and many beautiful prints of Lee Millar.