Badge Maker is a tool to help people create, earn and award Open Badges in a simple and fun way making them accessible to a wide range of people. Open Badges are a new form of digital validation for skills and achievements that traditional qualifications can sometimes fail to recognise. Badge Maker is powered by We are Snook and funded by the Technology Strategy Board, and I worked as the Project Manager and lead designer from June 2013 to June 2014. Making use of Mozilla Open Badges, Badge Maker aims to excite young people and teachers about education again, and support them to recognise the invisible learning that is going on both inside and outside of school.

While working on this project I facilitated workshops at the 2013 Mozilla Festival and a wide range of education centres, including awards agencies and maker spaces. I worked closely with a graphic designer and a developer to produce both alpha and beta prototypes, and then run a live trial with teachers and students. We developed an off-line tool kit that was shared globally and helped make a very digital process physical - and therefore more approachable.